Convene a Public Grand Jury to Investigate Abuses

Each state is receiving Federal & State tax dollars of which everyone pays in one form or another. As per any abuse case in Oregon, Arizona, Massachusetts, or Ohio, someone say in Florida who is outraged, their dollars (per Federal) have gone to that state to support such activities.

That outraged person in Florida, or Alaska, or Hawaii can file an individual or cooperative suit / injunction, or revenue levy against the offending state for misuse or abuse of those dollars. The national public is funding CPS. Their is a clear assertion that all CPS employees work for every person nationally. A cooperative can force majeure the firing of any CPS employee, group of employees, or affiliates for misconduct in the use of those funds, abuse of those funds, or use of those funds outside of the parameters intended.

Federal monies cannot flow to any state CPS or as in Arizona's case, DES office if a valid injunction is levied to block the flow of those funds. Per, the cooperative of outraged people, an injunction can be sought against any state from any federal district court in the nation. Thus the ability for any offending state to exert political pull in their local venue is severely hampered now with the multiple choices of locations to file an injunction on the federal level.

The venue issue is not an option here for the offending state. If a group in Florida is demanding an injunction against Arizona or Nevada, the basis for the injunction is the use or misuse of Florida taxpayer revenue in Arizona or Nevada. The venue issue is legitimately established as being a Florida issue, involving Florida residents, and use of revenue coming from Florida that now
has national consequences.

The state and people of choice to file for an immediate injunction to stop the flow and freezing of resting federal funds to and within the offending state, would cause the money hungry Sadists from CPS to cry and scream in anguish. An anguish that cannot be silenced by their own political pandering or string pulling that is well established on and within their own local venue, but an anguish that can only be silenced by the release of the injunction, only after accountability for the abuses is rectified to the satisfaction of the cooperative from the enjoining state.

Their is no impunity for the individual CPS worker, or corrupt administrator, or corrupt state appointed attorney, or corrupt presiding judge, or corrupt local law enforcement official enforcing with deadly force the edicts of that CPS agency, they can have their assets seized, be indicted, and arrested upon evidentiary proof of their corruption or misconduct.

So in light of the above, the Sadists now have an ax hanging over their heads, arms, and feet, and you know what.



Notice to Convene a Public Grand Jury to Investigate Abuses 

1. I, __________ am a member and selected Grand Jury panel appointee of a national association that oversees, the abuse or misuse of our federal tax dollars.

2. As a member of this alliance, I have been selected to convene a public grand jury to investigate abuses coming from state agencies that receive, use, or hold public federal tax dollars.

3. It has been brought to my attention that the state agency of____________ located in ___________________ may or has abused the use of public Federal tax dollars coming from the state of ____________________.

4. The specifics of the reported abuse(s) are




5. Our local state chapter will be investigating by convening of public grand jury these reported abuses that have been supported with allocation to this agency with our federal tax revenue.

6. If, upon further comprehensive review of the abuses reported to us, it is determined by us that your agency, its personnel, subcontractees, agents, or cooperative other local governments directed for use by you, have through the use of our funds, negligently or intentionally;

a. Violated the civil rights of a parent or child,

b. Participated with the abuse of a child,

c. Used your position or office, as determined by our investigation, for malfeasance, misuse of funds, or in the worst case, cooperative corruption to circumvent the existing state or federal laws for political or financial reasons,

We, as a cooperative of concerned people from the state of __________ will immediately move forward within our Constitutionally empowered duty to levy a Federal injunction against your state, to:

A. Freeze the flow of our tax revenue to your state that are being used by the abusing agency,

B. Seize, the existing tax revenue that is being held by your state that is being used by the abusing agency,

C. Move forward, if necessary, with pursuing the indictment, arrest, and seizure of assets, of individuals, subcontractees, agents, or cooperative other local governments directed for use by you that have been found by our investigation to have committed criminal acts in cooperation with the abusing agency.

D. Make public nationally our findings so that other concerned citizens from the nation can add force, mandate the arrest and secure conviction of individuals if necessary, and confirm the authority and weight of the injunction(s) levied from the abuse of our and their Federal tax dollars,

E. Take the steps necessary to immediately remove from office, or pursue indictments and arrest of any law enforcement, government attorney, or court personnel that impedes, covets, or participates to perpetuate the continued abuses, if any, disclosed and brought forward by our grand jury findings presented to them.

Sincerely Yours,

American Family Rights Association - Grand Jury Investigator

From The State of: ____________________